Concert Tour of SPAIN: Feb 2004                                       

Performed with Violin Maestro Dr.L.Subramaniam at El Violin Global festival, La Coruna.

Concert Tour of USA and CANADA: April June 2003

Performed with renowned Violinists Ganesh Kumaresh and with Veenai Jayanthi Kumaresh at
Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Portland, Seattle, Cleveland, Toronto, Columbus, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Detroit and other cities.


Teamed with the global band Nasha, as core percussionist. Adorned with rich Indian percussions, Nasha (Fabrice de graef on flute, Alain Genty on Bass) presented Celtic music around Europe.

Concert Tour of GERMANY: May - June 1998

Extensively toured Germany. Concerts at Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Lubeck, Munich and Ulm. Performed live on the Berlin radio. Recorded
CDs for a leading German audio recording company Autogram.

Concert Tour of GULF: Dec 2003

Performed with Dr.L.Subramaniam at prestigious international festivals in Dubai and Kuwait.

September - November 2004

Performed with renowned Violinists Ganesh Kumaresh and Veenai Jayanthi Kumaresh for International Music Festivals at Theatre de la ville and Theatre guimet Paris, among others. Performed for German and French radio.

Concert Tour of FRANCE: August 2004

At the de Bouche a oreille International Festival, Parthenay, as part of NASHA.

Concert Tour of OMAN: March 2005

On Indian Percussions for Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Svenn Skipper, in concert with Dr.L.Subramaniam, at Oman Auditorium, Muscat. The grand concert was occasioned by 50 years of Indo-Oman diplomatic ties.

Concert Tour of RE UNION ISLAND: April 2005

Performed with Dr.L.Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam and Pandit Anindo Chaterjee at Theatre St Gilles.

Concert Tour of POLAND: May 2005

Teamed with global Flamenco Band - Indialucia as core Indian Percussionist. Performed for Krakow International Percussion festival.

Concert Tour of SINGAPORE: August 2005

Performed with Dr.L.Subramaniam and Pandit Anindo Chaterjee at Esplanade Concert Hall.

Concert Tour of DUBAI and DOHA: April 2006

Global Fusion Concert with Maestros Dr.L.Subramaniam, Larry Coryell (guitar), George Brooks ( Saxophone), Brahim Fribgane (oud and percussion), Ambi Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam.

Concert Tour of POLAND and CZECH REPUBLIC: July 2006

Solo concerts and toured with Flamenco band, Indialucia. Performed at the prestigious Summer Guitar Festival, Flamenco International Festival, Feta Festival and toured Krakow Warsaw, Prague, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Tychy and other cities. Conducted workshops on South Indian Percussion Instruments.

Concert Tour of BAHRAIN: November 2006

Carnatic Classical Concert with Dr.L.Subramaniam.

Concert Tour of FRANCE, Denmark and Belgium: November December 2006

As part of NASHA Performed at the prestigious Lille 3000 festival at Lille, France. An exclusive interview for Radio France followed by Ghatam solo performance.

Concert Tour of BANGKOK: December 2006

Performed at the renowned Bangkok Jazz festival as part of 'Asia Beat' featuring top notch artists from all over Asia including Lewis Pragasam(Drums), John Neptune(Japanese Shakuhachi),Narongrit Tosa-ngaThai(Ranad - Thai / Xylophone),Vuthichai Jarungklin (Saw Duang / Thai Fiddle) and Wanmongkol Mangkornkrit (Khlui / Thai Fulte).